If Obama gave this speech instead

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Jon Rappoport's Blog

If Obama gave this speech instead

by Jon Rappoport

November 28, 2015

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What Obama actually said: “Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims – men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families. What makes America America is that we offer that chance.” Barack Obama, Weekly Address to the nation, urging Americans to welcome Syrian immigrants.

Pilgrims. Ah yes. You know, the Thanksgiving connection. And not to worry, the White House assures us that the Justice Dept., Homeland Security, and Scrooge McDuck will scrutinize every Syrian coming into the US before granting “asylum.”

But suppose Obama gave another speech, a quite different speech instead, for the sake of clarity:

“Look, when I talk about refugees coming here from…

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